Hybridizer Donald Spoon

Cross Junction, Virginia, USA

Operates Winterberry Gardens in Northern Virginia with his wife Ginny and son Bryan. Ginny and Bryan are also hybridizers.


Border Bearded: 'Adorink', 'Arizona Border', 'Aunt Edna', 'Black Teddy Bear', 'Color Surge', 'Don Herzberg', 'First Contact, 'Flo', 'Flowerful Peach', 'Garden Butterflies', 'Joyful Joy', 'Lemon Smoothie', 'Love Goes On', 'Lucie Andry', 'Midsummer's Eve', 'Mouse', 'Peach Parasol', 'Persimmon Pie', 'Pink Puppy', 'Raspberry Silk', 'Revel In Red', 'Rielle', 'Sara Marley', 'Sheba's Flame', 'Strawberry Apricot', 'Tiger Taffy', 'Twiggy', 'Twilight Moonrise', 'Warp Drive',

Intermediate Bearded: 'Astounded', 'Cat's Hat', 'Ecliptic', 'Gold and Rubies', 'Holiday Treat', 'Ice Blue Pearl', 'Pink Collage', 'Zumba',

Japanese: 'Chubasco', 'Orchid Fountain', 'Sorocco',

Minature Dwarf Bearded: 'Ampersand', 'Hilda's Gift', 'Hot Babe', 'India Ink', 'Kayla's Song', 'Lotta Dotta', 'Princess Pele', 'Royal Maroon', 'Shy', 'Spiderweb', 'Spring Beacon', 'Trimmed Velvet', 'White Ice', 'Young Patriot',

Minature Tall Bearded: 'Maslon'

Standard Dwarf Bearded: 'Alberta Peach', 'Anita Moran', 'Anne Lowe', 'Aqua', 'Autumn Orange', 'Autumn Tangerine', 'Blueberries', 'Blue Hues', 'Blue Ray', 'Blues Clues', 'Calico Lace', 'Candy Corn', 'Cara', 'Cara Cara', 'Cardinal Coat', 'Cerise Boy', 'Chubby Spider', 'Cookie Monster', 'Dazzle Baby', 'Devin', 'Earth and Sky', 'Eric Simpson', 'Exotic Eyes', 'Eye Lines', 'Flag Red', 'Florist Gold', 'Frank Naylor', 'French Blue', 'Funny Bunny', 'Fly Butterfly', 'Giggler', 'Gold Lantern', 'Granny Apple', 'Green Peeper', 'Green Spring', 'Green Tree', 'Greenback Kid', 'Greenfingers', 'Hot Chic', 'Hot Peaches', 'Huck', 'Huckleberries', 'Inky Dinky Spider',' 'Jack Loving', 'June Bug', 'Karen Jones', 'Kulu, 'Kumquat', 'Larry's Blue', 'Lime Pie', 'Lucky Bonnet', 'Lucky Orange', 'Mary Anna', 'Minnie Ned', 'Mir', 'Missish', 'Miss Meredith', 'Morgan', 'Moss Spot', 'Muppet', 'Muppet's Sister', 'My Baby Blues', 'My Kayla', 'Oculus', 'Olive Spot', 'Orange Lantern', 'Oxford Tweeds', 'Peach Pie', 'Pied Apricot', 'Pied Pixie'' 'Plum Pie', 'Plum Pink', 'Pom', 'Pretty Girl', 'Pretty Peach', 'Prince Lollipop', 'Prince Pele', 'Puff Candy', 'Purple Joy', 'Rainbow Rim', 'Ray Jones', 'Raymond', 'Red Bunny', 'Red Rabbit', 'Rich Blanquet', 'Rosalie Loving', 'Ruby Lines', 'Sandsong', 'Senorita Frog', 'Shakespeare's Sonnet', 'Sky Hues', 'Sky Willow', 'Snow Peas', 'Solar Max', 'So Precious', 'Sonador', 'Spiderbaby', 'Spiderlady', 'Spiderman', 'Stacey's Blue', 'Star Prince', 'Stitched Kitten', 'Teagan', 'Teal Lines', 'Tropical Blue', 'Tropical Shoals', 'TutuTeal', 'Wedgewood Blue', 'Wee Hokie', 'Wild Whimsey', 'Winter Embrace', 'Wise Willow', 'Woad Toad', 'Wukee',

Tall Bearded (A-L): ' 'America The Beautiful', 'American Band Stand', 'Ashlee Noel', 'Ask and Receive', 'Aunt Josephine', 'Aunt Margaret', 'Autumn Garnet' 'Autumn Joy', 'Autumn Sky', 'Back Again', 'Beth Marie', 'Betty Cunningham', 'Betty's Gift', 'Black Cat', 'Blaney Marlow', 'Blossom Of Snow', 'Bluebirds Fly', 'Blue Ridge Beauty', 'Blue Skippers', 'Blue Streaker', 'Bonnie's Bluebird', 'Bottled Sunburst', 'Bouncing Blue', 'Butterfly Effect', 'Caramelized', 'Caribbean Deep', 'Carrie Winter', 'Cheshire Cat', 'Chief George', 'Clipper', 'Cobra's Eye', 'Coffee Mocha', 'Colleen's Dreamsicle', 'Coral Baker', 'Corn Dance', 'Crazy', 'Crazy Daisy', 'Crystal Honey', 'Curious Tabby', 'Dan Laing', 'Dance Magic', 'Daughter of Stars', 'Dazzling Lora', 'Diamond Blush', 'Donna Hackman', 'Double Whammy', 'Dreaming Rainbows', 'Dune Sea', 'Earth Girl', 'Emilie Dolge', 'Eric Tillman', 'Evergreen', 'Faithful and True', 'Father Christmas', 'Fireball Candy', 'First Embrace', 'Foggy Bottom', 'Forever Evelyn', 'Freda's Gift', 'Garden Lantern', 'Garnet and Gold', 'Ginny's Cream', 'Gladys Kelly', 'Gladys Lee', 'Go Hokies', 'Golden Angel', 'Golden Web', 'Grape Harvest', 'Green Mittens', 'Griffin', 'Guinevere's Kiss', 'Holy Heart', 'Home Sweet Home', 'Ice Adams', 'It's Friday', 'Jack's Choice', 'Jaime Delgado', 'Joann's Dream', 'Karen Ann', 'Katharine Steele', 'Kind Candace', 'Kind Karen', 'King's Speech', 'Kooza', 'Kristen Faith', 'Lacy Ice', 'Lady Baltimore', 'Lady Glenna', 'Lady of Leoness', 'Lady of Middleburg', 'Lady of Substance' 'Lavender Lion', 'Lavender Song', 'Lemon Lollipop', 'Lemon Smoothie', 'Libby Cross', 'Liger', 'Lilla', 'Lilla Alberta', 'Lilla's Gloves', 'Lilla's Lace', 'Lilla's Stripes', 'Linda Laing', 'Linda Leigh', 'Linda's Red', 'Lion Chief', 'Little John', 'Lloyd', 'Lora Kathleen', 'Lord Fairfax', 'Loving Pink', 'Lycopene',

Tall Bearded (M-Z): 'Mac Shawe', 'Magenta Midnight', Mango Parfait', 'Margaret Wilson Thomas', 'Marilyn Naylor', 'Maroon Moon', 'Mary Adele', 'Melanie Ann', 'Merry Maids', 'Miracle Miriam', 'Momma Caroline', 'Momma Rosemary', 'Momma's Angel', 'Monet's Sky', 'Moonlight Romance', 'Mother of Dragons', 'My Ginny', 'My Jodie', 'National Treasure', 'New Morning', 'Nimitz', 'Norman', 'Once In A Lullaby', 'Oranges', 'Orchid Dove', 'Orien', 'Oriental Design', 'Papadad', 'Paula Kathleen', 'Peach Berry Swirl', 'Peach Blossom Song', 'Peach Bouquet', 'Peach Design', 'Phantom Masquerade', 'Pink Caresses', 'Pink Design', 'Pink Hugs', 'Pink Kisses', 'Pink Moon', 'Pink Pink', 'Pirate Captain', 'Pixie Magic', 'Pizzicato', 'Plum Parasol', 'Plum Pretty Whiskers', 'Potomac Fireworks', 'Precious Harvest', 'Pretty Morning', 'Pretty Snappy', 'Princess Elexis', 'Princess Gown', 'Procrastinator', 'Pure Starlight', 'Purple Magic', 'Quik', 'Radiant Ember', 'Rafa', 'Rainbow Candy', 'Ranger Mosby', 'Red Hot Momma', 'Red Lace Petticoat', 'Red Silk', 'Rejoice and Sing', 'Robin of Loxley', 'Rogue One', 'Roney's Encore', 'Rosetta Stone', 'Royal Challenger', 'Rubies', 'Ruffled Garnet', 'Ruth Holbrook', 'Ruth Walker', 'Sandra Michaela', 'SecretSanta', 'Sharon Marie', 'Shire', 'Short Stitched', 'Show Dress'. 'Showy Lowy', 'Signal Red', 'Silent Wings', 'Sister Power', 'Sister Shirley', 'Skies Are Blue', 'Sky and Sun', 'Snow Parasol', 'Snow White Dove', 'Son of Dreams', 'Sparkling Silver', 'Spice It Up', 'Spring Peach', 'Spun Candy', 'Star Challenger', 'Star Lord', 'Starring Encore', 'Summer Peach', 'Sunny Butter', 'Supreme Queen', 'Suzy Snowflake', 'Sweetheart Ring', 'Sweet Romance', 'Tall John', 'Tankini', 'Toyoko', 'Trillionaire', 'Triple Somersault', 'Twilight Rose', 'UFO', 'Uncle Charlie', 'Veinity', 'Violet Enigma', 'Violet Scent', 'Virginia Peach', 'Virginia Pink', 'Waurine', 'Way Up High', 'Will Scarlet', 'Wilma', 'Winterberry', 'Wise Wish', 'Yellow Design', 'Yosemite Sam', 'Zee', 'Zekie',
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