Hybridizer Paul Black

Milwaukie, Oregon, USA

Paul Black is a much honored hybridizer and formerly co-owner (with Tom Johnson) of Mid-America Iris Garden in Salem, Oregon. He has won the Caparne-Welch Medal for the best Miniature Dwarf Bearded seven times: 'Elf Esteem' in 2021, 'Beetlejuice' in 2019, 'Dollop of Cream' in 2012, 'Chemistry' in 2010, 'Dinky Circus' in 2004, 'Cinnamon Apples' in 1995, and 'Spot of Tea' in 1995. He has been an eight time winner of the Cook-Douglas Award for the best Standard Dwarf Bearded; 'Eye of the Tiger' in 2014, 'Wish Upon A Star' in 2013, 'Bluebeard's Ghost' in 2012, 'Fires of Fiji' in 2011, 'Puddy Tat' in 2009, 'Cat's Eye' in 2008, 'Pumpin' Iron' in 1996, and 'Chubby Cheeks' in 1991. Mr. Black has been awarded the Knowlton Medal for the best Border Bearded five times; 'Lady of the Night' in 2014, 'Bundle of Love' in 2013, 'Crow's Feet' in 2012, 'Fleece As White' in 2011' and 'Go for Bold' in 2007. He also received the Sass Medal twice for best Intermediate Bearded; 'Dazzling' in 2014, and 'Nickel' in 2012. Additionally Paul has earned the Walther Cup for the greatest number of votes in the Honorable Mention voting four times; the Ben Hager Cup three times, and the President's Cup. Paul was also honored by the American Iris Society with the 'Hybridizer Award' in 2002. He has also won international competitions, placing first in the Premio Firenze in Florence, Italy, in 2002 for 'Dude Ranch'. He received the Bennett C. Jones Award for Outstanding Median Hybridizing in 2009 from the Median Iris Society. You can see the MIS summary of his contributions here on their website. In 2022 he received the British Iris Society Hybridizers Award.

[Mr. Black also won the Premio Firenze in 2005 for his Iris 'Tom Johnson.]


Arilbred: 'Artful Accent', 'Beautiful Brown Eyes', 'Black Cherry Truffle', 'Bordeaux Blaze', 'Brash and Bold', 'Byzantine Romance', 'Conspiracy Theory', 'Desert Dynamo', 'Desert Snow', 'Dotting Every Eye', 'Eerie Encounter', 'Egyptian Sands', 'Eye On America', 'Eye on the Prize', 'Eyes On You', 'Flecks and Specks', 'Galactic Gigolo', 'Galaxina', 'Heart of Hearts', 'Limbo Rock', 'Lucky Roll', 'Perry Dyer', 'Persian Passion', 'Pirate's Ransom', 'Prairie Thunder', 'Pussycat Eyes', 'Raisin in the Sun', 'Red Ahead', 'Red Eye Fright', 'She Devil', 'Shepherds Anthem', 'Soaring Falcon', 'Spilt Milk',

Paul Black, the person

Border Bearded: 'Act Two', 'Airy Fairy Flower', 'Always Lovely', 'Apricot Topping', 'Ballerina Pink', 'Be My Baby', 'Black Label', 'Blazing Orange', 'Boisterous', 'Boo Berry', 'Boot Hill', 'Border Bandit', 'Boundless Berry', 'Bundle of Love', 'Caramel Chocolate Sundae', 'Cascading Rainbow', 'Catisphere', 'Color My World', 'Crafty Lady', 'Crow's Feet', 'Dear Diary', 'Delectable Treat', 'Different Path', 'Drop Dead Gorgeous', 'Fair Play., 'First In Line', 'Fleece As White', 'Gay Romance', 'Girl In Paris', 'Glitzorama', 'Go for Bold', 'Gonzo', 'Grace and Charm', 'Hi Love', 'Keep Going', 'Kiss The Frog', 'Lady of the Night', 'Last Of The Wine', 'Lusciousocity', 'Make Your Move', 'Merry Mulberry', 'My Cher of Happiness', 'My Gal', 'My Precious', 'Mystic Siren', 'Nautical Flag', 'Patriotic', 'Pay The Piper', 'Poise and Charm', 'Princess Pretty Pink', 'Rustler's Rhapsody', 'Smooth Jazz' 'Solar Sunrise', 'Spiced Apples', 'Stylish Choice', 'Venus Blush', 'What's New Pussycat', 'Wild', 'Wildcat Cha Cha',

Intermediate Bearded: 'Abbey', 'Absolutely Yes', 'Absolute Perfection', 'Action Adventure', 'Alberta Clipper', 'All Abuzz', 'Alliteration', 'Apple Crisp', 'Arctic Wind', Aunt Pitty Pat', 'Birds and Bees', 'Black Comedy', 'Blue Splash', 'Body Painting', 'Bordello Queen', 'Brazen Gold', 'Calypso Heat Wave', 'Cashmere Rose', 'Casual Attire', 'Cat In the Hat', 'Cher's Fancy Idea', 'Crazy Over You', 'Creative Accent', 'Continuation', 'Dancing In the Moonlight', 'Dazzling., 'Devil May Care', 'Devil's Delight', 'Ding-A-Ling', 'Dog and Pony Show', 'Emblazoned', 'Erect', 'Fanciful Whimsy', 'Fire In the Sky', 'First Lady of Spring', 'Flippant', 'Fluffy Kitty', 'Forged In Fire', 'Fortune Hunter', 'Freely Given', 'Frisky Frolic', 'Frolicsome', 'Gilt by Association', 'Gilty As Charged', 'Gold Pendant', 'Good to Go', 'Goose Bumps', 'Harlow Gold', 'Hat Box', 'Hat Trick', 'Haunting Passion', 'Here We Go', 'Hot Wheels', 'Hungarian Rhapsody', 'Imperative', 'Impressive', 'Intoxicating', 'In A Flash', 'Infinity Ring', 'It's Amazing', 'Laser Print', 'Late Night Kiss', 'Lumistreak', 'Lure of Gold', 'Magical Times', 'Man's Best Friend', 'Meditation Garden', 'Nickel', 'Nickel's Worth', 'Nonconforming Pressence', 'No Restraint', 'Out of Focus', 'Outer Edge', 'Overdrawn', 'Paraphrase', 'Parting Glances', 'Pathway', 'Petite Charm', 'Photo Op', 'Pineapple Splash', 'Pop Culture', 'Pour It On', 'Presto Change-O', 'Pretty Blush', 'Procession', 'Quarter', 'Ray of Hope', 'Red Zinger', 'Revved Up Rose', 'Rosy Romance', 'Sassy Li'l Brat', 'Sassy Senorita', 'Self Indulgence', 'Shooting Sparks', 'Shorty', 'Silverberry', 'Sinister Desires', 'Smooth As A Baby's', 'Spiced Peaches', 'Star In the Night', 'Summer Camp', 'Sweet Potato Pie', 'This and That', 'Threatening', 'Twilight Delight', 'We Will Rock You', 'Witty', 'Your Turn',

Miniature Tall Bearded: ´╗┐'Baby Doll Pink', 'Baby's Got The Blues', 'Blue Chip Stock', 'Bright Victory', 'Candy Tycoon', 'Dance With The Devil', 'Deep In The Heart', 'Easter Party', 'Fairy King', 'Fine Outfit', 'Flirtin' Skirts', 'Gentle Sigh', 'Huggable You', 'I Feel Enchanting', 'Interject', 'Juvenile Joy', 'Lavender Sprinkles', 'Lilac Wings', 'Long and Winding Road', 'Mandarin Sunrise', 'New Fangled', 'Not A Whisper', 'Paper Tiger', 'Perfectly Composed', 'Picture Me', 'Queen Mum', 'Quite Bright', 'Scrambled', 'Silence Please', 'Silver Ice', 'To the Contrary' 'Wonder Beard', 'Yowza',

Miniature Dwarf Bearded: 'Badge', 'Be Brief', 'Beetlejuice', 'Bit Of Pink', 'Black Olive', 'Branded', 'Chemistry', 'Cinnamon Apples', 'Cold Snap', 'Cute As A Button', 'Dinky Circus', 'Dollop Of Cream', 'Elf Esteem', 'Fairy Fun', 'Garden Gnome', 'Hats Off', 'Hot Orange', 'I'm Not Timid', 'It's A Snap', 'Keep Off', 'Low To The Ground', 'Mini Stripe', 'Neon Flash', 'Peach Puff', 'Pearly Whites', 'Pulsating', 'Sparkletts', 'Spot Of Tea', 'Stripe Three', 'Tingle' 'Wiggle', 'Twinkle Little Star', 'Yes I Can'.

´╗┐Siberian: ´╗┐'Artistic Endeavour', 'Must Be Dreaming', 'Orchid Fashion',

Species Hybrid: 'Dolce', 'Date With Destiny', 'Out of the Ordinary', 'Proceeding Forward', 'Weird Science',

Standard Dwarf Bearded (A-H): 'Actor', 'Alamo Joe', 'Algorithm', 'All Is Bright', 'All Natural', 'Amateur', 'Ambiguous', 'Amorous Duet', 'Amusing', 'April Fanfare', 'Artful', 'Artistic License', 'Artist's Hand', 'Attack Cat', 'Baby Booties', 'Baby Soft', 'Bacon And Eggs', 'Bad Intentions', 'Baklava', 'Ballistic', 'Bamboozle', 'Basic Blue', 'Basket Of Goodies', 'Bazinga', 'Beatnik', 'Bee Mused', 'Before the Dawn', 'Berrylicious', 'Best Buddy', 'Beyond the Sky', 'Bird Call', 'Big Blue Eyes', 'Bird's-Eye View', 'Bit of Gilt', 'Black Seedling B8020', 'Blazing Gold', 'Blazing Garnet', 'Blissful', 'Blue Neon', 'Bluebeard's Ghost', 'Boast', 'Bombay Sapphire', 'Boom', 'Boo To You', 'Bourgeois', 'Bow Tie', 'Breezy Blue', 'Breathtaking', 'Bright', 'Bright Flash', 'Bright Note', 'Broken Halo', 'Bucket List', 'Buddy Boy', 'Bug Zoo', 'Bunny Hop', 'Burlesque Cutie', 'Busy As A Bee', 'Buzzword', 'By Candlelight', 'By The Sea', 'Cachet', 'Canadian Kisses', 'Candle', 'Canine Caper', 'Can't Wait', 'Car Hop', 'Career', 'Carrot Flash', 'Cartoon Characters', 'Cat And Mouse', 'Catnip', 'Cat's Eye', 'Celebrate', 'Channeling Loretta', 'Chart', 'Cheery Blush', 'Cher's Delight', 'Child', 'Chubby Cheeks', 'Cinemagic', 'Circus Act', 'Circus Clown', 'City', 'Clash', 'Clear View', 'Cliche', 'Cold River', 'Color', 'Come and Get It', 'Comic', 'Conservatively Clad', 'Contemplate', 'Cool Dude', 'Crack Me Up', 'Crank It Up', 'Create', 'Critter', 'Cuteness', 'Dancing Bunnies', 'Dancing Dachshund', 'Dare', 'Dare You', 'Darn Cute', 'Dazed', 'Debonair Bear', 'Dedicated', 'Delayed Development', 'Demur Princess', 'Details', 'Devoted', 'Dime', 'Dinky Doodle', 'Don't Fix It', ' Double Life', 'Doxie Doodles', 'Dramedy', 'Dream Of Dreams', 'Dueling Banjos', 'Dynamic', 'Earliglo', 'Earthly Delight', 'Easter Chick', 'Easy Style', 'Egghead', 'Electrifying', 'Elegant Cashmere', 'Energizer Bunny', 'Every Little Step', 'Exclaim', 'Exotic Aire', 'Experiment', 'Extreme', 'Eye of Newt', 'Eye of Sauron', 'Eye of the Tiger', 'Fairy Legion', 'Familiar Face', 'Famous', 'Feeling Pretty', 'Festive Bow', 'Fido', 'Fine Idea', 'Fingertips', 'Fire', 'Fires of Fiji', 'First Alert', 'First Dance', 'Fishnet Stockings', 'Fizzgig', 'Flying Monkey', 'Folk Art', 'Foofaraw', 'Forever Aglow', 'Forte', 'Freeze Frame', 'Frenetic', 'Froggy Went A Courtin', 'Frugal', 'Fruit Cup', 'Fun In the Sun', 'Futuristic', 'Fuzzy Face', 'Gag Gift', 'Gal Pal', 'Gate to Paradise', 'Gentle', 'Ghost Ship', 'Gift of Gab', 'Gingerbread Trim', 'Glamour Cat', 'Going In Circles', 'Graceful', 'Grape Moon', 'Graph', 'Green Oasis', 'Groovy Grubworm', 'Half Moon', 'Happy Feet', 'Hear No Evil', 'He's So Shy', 'Hey Look At Me', 'Hippie', 'Hipster', 'Hold On Tight', 'Honey Bunny', 'Hot Jazz', 'Hugs',

Standard Dwarf Bearded (I-Z): 'I Dreamed A Dream', 'I Go Crazy', 'Ice Chalet', 'Ice Etching', 'Ignite', 'I'm Gilty', 'I'm In Love', 'Inclination', 'Inky Dinky', 'Intergalactic', 'Into the Sunset', 'Invisible', 'Irrepressible', 'Island', 'Island Sun', 'It's Amazing', 'It's A Small World', 'It's Not Over', 'Jellicle Cat', 'Jellylorum', 'Jennyanydots', 'Jeopardy', 'Join In', 'Jolly', 'Juicy Tidbit','Kaching', 'Kinky Boots', 'Kisses', 'Lab', 'Lad', 'Lap Of Luxury', 'Lavender Lynx', 'Lavender Puff', 'Lemon Twist', 'Let's Talk', 'Life', 'Lilac Blush!', 'Lines In the Sand', 'List', 'Little Band of Gold', 'Little Bit of Lace', 'Little Louie', 'Little Piggy', 'Little Steps', 'Lively', 'Look Inside', 'Lost Art', 'Lottery', 'Lovable Pink', 'Love Spell', Lucky', 'Lust for Lemon', 'Mary's Lamb', 'Matador's Cape', 'Matter of Fact', 'Meow', 'Mesa Sunrise', 'Meticulous', 'Midnight Mist', 'Mini Mouse', 'Missing You', 'Mister Mistoffelees', 'Mordor', 'Mostly Sunny', 'Mouse That Roared' 'Muppet Madness', 'My Cher', 'My Fair Cher', 'My Guy', 'New Release', 'New Twist', 'Nibble', 'Nine Lives', 'Nosferatu', 'Notation', 'Not My Circus', 'Not My Monkey', 'Nurse Nancy', 'Nutmeg Mambo', 'Ocean Pearl', 'Oh So Sweet', 'Olive Garden', 'On A Whim', 'Open Your Eyes', 'Orange Obsession', 'Our Gang', 'Outrageous Vision', 'Outspoken', 'Paint Pots', 'Patacake', 'Patent', 'Pawn', 'Peach Medley', 'Peanut Butter Swirl', 'Pecan Spot', 'Penny', 'Peppito', 'Perfect Kiss', 'Phony', 'Piggy Bank', 'Pigs In Space', 'Pink Frosting', 'Pink Medley', 'Pink Style', 'Pink Potion', 'Pinky Ring', 'Pirate's Patch', 'Platitude', 'Pooch', 'Pookie', 'Portland Pink', 'Praise', 'Privileged Character', 'Prowler', 'Puddy Tat', 'Pumpin' Iron', 'Purple Paws', 'Purple Tiger', 'Pussycat Pink', 'Queen Of Darkness', 'Radical Rascal', 'Ragtop', 'Rain In Spain', 'Raspberry Tiger', 'Red Hot Blues', 'Repeat the Blues', 'Retort', 'Riveting', 'Roaring Fire', 'Robust Claret', 'Romance Novel', 'Rufflemania', 'Running Bare', 'Rush To Glory', 'Sass With Class', 'Sassy Salsa!', 'Satin Baby', 'Say Boo', 'See No Evil', 'Segue', 'Sequel', 'Shadow Box', 'Sherlock', 'She's A Beauty', 'She's So Cute', 'Short Verse', 'Shorthorn', 'Sigh', 'Silk Petals', 'Sketch', 'Skimbleshanks', 'Sky and Meadow', 'Sky of Blue', 'Slightly Confused', 'Slightly Tipsy', 'Small Flash', 'Soft Blend', 'Soft Glow','Sparkling White', 'Sparks Fly', 'Speak No Evil', 'Splash', 'Spin Again', 'Splash', 'Spring Is Here', 'Stardate', 'Static', 'Stroke of Brilliance', 'Subtle', 'Sun Going Down', 'Surrounded', 'Sweet Bite', 'Sweet Pink', 'Take Your Pick', 'Tangerine Tangent', 'Tasty', 'Taxi', 'Taz', 'Tender Loving Care', 'Tender Tears', 'That's the Spirit., 'Tiger Print', 'Time For Magic', 'Time To Shine', 'Toon Town', 'Total Denial', 'Touch of Mink', 'Touch Of Turquoise', 'Tourist Trap., 'Toy Boat', 'Trajectory', 'Transcribe', 'Triple Smiles', 'Troubadour's Song', 'Trust In Dreams', 'Try Me', 'Tu Tu Turquoise', 'Tumbleweeds', 'Turtle Tango', 'Tweety Bird', 'Two Faced', 'Unpretentious', 'Unruly Surprise', 'Varmint', 'Voices', 'Wacko', 'Wake Up', 'Waylaid', 'Web of Desire', 'Well Spoken' 'Well Suited', 'Where's The Beard', 'White Accent', 'Whoa!', 'Wide Eyed', 'Wide Open', 'Wild Hair', 'Wise Guy', 'Wish Upon A Star', 'Worry Wart', 'Wow Gee Whiz', 'Yippy Skippy', 'You're Annoying', 'You're Early', 'Zaftig', 'Zap', 'Zaa Zaa Zing', 'Zooboomafoo',

Tall Bearded (A-E): 'Aardvark Lark', 'About Last Night', 'Absolute Zero', 'Act Surprised', 'Action Packed', 'Added Value', 'Adrenaline Junkie', 'Adrift At Sea', 'Advanced Degree', 'Advantage', 'Affair To Remember', 'After the Rain', 'Aliens of the Galaxy', 'All Ashore', 'All Grown Up', 'All My Dreams', 'All Too Exciting', 'Alpine Storm', 'Ambrosia Of The Gods', 'America's Top Model', 'Ancient Treasure', 'Announcement', 'Apple Of My Eye', 'Are You Crazy', 'Are You Free', 'Around The Sun', 'Art Critic', 'Autumn Blush', 'Autumn Jewel', 'Awash In Purple', 'Awesome Blossom', 'Baby I Love You', 'Bachelor Party', 'Background Noise', 'Baja Boys', 'Ballroom', 'Bargain Hunter', 'Bashful Princess', 'Batter Up', 'Beautiful Surprise', 'Beauty Becomes Her', 'Beauty Contest', 'Becoming', 'Bedroom Romance', 'Berry Scary', 'Bespoke', 'Best and Brightest', 'Better Than Butter', 'Be Yourself', 'Big Band', 'Big Break', 'Big Squeeze', 'Blackberry Bandit', 'Black Hole', 'Blazing Sunrise', 'Blue Seduction', 'Blue Trill', 'Bluebird of Happiness', 'Blush of Color', 'Blushing', 'Blushing Bashful', 'Bold Encounter', 'Bonnie Elizabeth', 'Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy', 'Born Beautiful', 'Boy Next Door', 'Boysenberry Drizzle', 'Brassy Broad', 'Break In', 'Breaking Free', 'Break The Rules', 'Bright and Shining Star', 'Bright 'N Breezy', 'Bright On Top', 'Bright Within', 'Bring In The Clowns', 'Bring On The Bright', 'Broken Pattern', 'Bubblicious', 'Bubbling Lace', 'Bubbly Beauty', 'Buckskin Ruffles', 'Bushwhacked', 'Butterscotch Bliss', 'By Popular Demand', 'Call To Danger', 'Cameo Appearance', 'Cameo Concert', 'Canadian Brass', 'Candy Store', 'Captain Crunch', 'Capture A Little Sun', 'Carl And Sissy', 'Carnival In Rio', 'Carnival of Color', 'Carpetbagger', 'Cast A Tall Shadow', 'Cat Call', 'Caterpillar Blues', 'Cat Tales', 'Charmed I'm Sure', 'Cheap', 'Cheap Frills', 'Cher and Cher Alike', 'Chuckwagon', 'Cimarron Trail', 'Circle of Light', 'Citrus Cooler', 'City of Gold', 'Claim to Fame', 'Clash of Titans', 'Class Clown', 'Clean And Simple', 'Clean As A Whistle', 'Clearance Sale', 'Cloud Gate', 'Clouds Go By', 'Cloudscape', 'Cockeyed Optimist', 'Cocoa Puff', 'Color Express', 'Color Glory', 'Color Wheel','Coloricious','Come and Dance', 'Comfort and Joy', 'Commanding Presence', 'Compassionate', 'Complimentary', 'Conjuring Cat', 'Contemporary Art', 'Cool Confidence', 'Coral Splendor', 'Countess', 'Country Picnic', 'Cover of Night', 'Covered In Kisses', 'Cranberry Sauce', 'Crash Course', 'Crashing Whitecaps', 'Creamy French', 'Creature of the Night', 'Crocodile Smile', 'Cross Your Heart', 'Crystal Plumage', 'Daffy Duck', 'Dare Me', 'Dazzling Jewel', 'Deal Or No Deal', 'Dearest', 'Deep Dark Secret', 'Definitely Different', 'Delicate Image', 'Designer's Rage, 'Diary', 'Die Laughing', 'Dipped In Dots', 'Dog Days', 'Dollar', 'Don't Touch', 'Doodads', 'Dot Dash Dot', 'Drag Race', 'Dramatic Style', 'Dream of Gold', 'Dressed To Kill', 'Dude Ranch', 'Early to Rise', 'Earth and Sun', 'Easy As Pie', 'Easy To Please','Eleanor Kirkpatrick', 'Elegant Ruffles', 'End of Summer', 'Enough Is Enough', 'Escape From Boredom', 'Essence Of Beauty', 'Etcetera', 'Evening Drama', 'Every Day's A Holiday', 'Expanding Universe',

Tall Bearded (F-O): 'Fabulistic', 'Fabulous Fortune', 'Face Of An Angel', 'Fall Fantasy', 'Fancy Dog', 'Fangnificent', 'Fantasmagorical', 'Fantasy In Pink', 'Feast For The Eyes', 'Feast of Kings', 'Feisty Feline', 'Felix The Cat', 'Fiesta Orange', 'Fine Blending', 'Fine Porcelain', 'Fire and Ice', 'First Page', 'Fission', 'Fit For Royalty', 'Flashy Show Girl', 'Fly Your Colors', 'Flying Carpet', 'For Lovers Only', 'For Your Pleasure', 'Forever And A Day', 'Freckled Sunshine', 'Fred and Ginger', 'Free Gift', 'Free Sample', 'French Fashion', 'Fresh Morning Shower'. 'Frontline', 'Gaga Over You', 'Galileo', 'Gather Round','Gaudy Is Good', 'Gilt By Association', 'Giorgio', 'Girl Next Door', 'Girls Wanna Have Fun', 'Glacier Kiss', 'Glitz 'N Glitter', 'Goat Rodeo', 'Go For Broke', 'Go For The Gusto', 'Goldkist', 'Good Deed', 'Good Life', 'Good On Ya', 'Goodnight My Dear', 'Gothic Romance', 'Grape Jelly', 'Great Deal', 'Guess Who I Am', 'Guilt Free Sample', 'Habit', 'Half Dollar', 'Handmade', 'Happy Daydream', 'Happy Hugs', 'Heartfelt', 'Hey Look Me Over', 'Hidden Innocence', 'High Class', 'Honk Your Horn', 'Hot Off the Press', 'Hotsy Totsy', 'Hottie', 'House Of Cards', 'How Bizarre', 'How Sweet It Is', 'Hugs And Kisses', 'Husky', 'I Broke It', 'I Like Lace', 'I Like Pretty Things', 'I Love A Parade', 'I Meant To Doit', 'I Must Have It', 'I'm All Shook Up', 'I'm Not Stable', 'In Living Color', 'In The Flesh', 'Indecisive', 'Innocent Pink', 'Inspired', 'Instant Attraction', 'International Intrigue', 'Intimidator', 'Island Coral', 'It's A Pleasure', 'It's Me Again', 'Jungle Mist', 'Jupiter's Rings','Just For Kicks', 'Just Kiss Me', 'Keep Your Cool', 'Keeping Up Appearances', 'Key To Success', 'Kiss of Passion', 'Know It All', 'Lace And Promises', 'Laced Daisy', 'Lash Out', 'Laser Light Show', 'Later Alligator', 'Laughing Clown', 'Lemon Moonbeam', 'Leprechaun's Trick', 'Leta Black', 'Let's Play Dress Up', 'Light And Shadow', 'Light The Night', 'Like A Breeze', 'Lipstick Kiss', 'Living Your Dream', 'Loads of Love', 'Lois Parrish', 'Lookout Point', 'Loopty Loo', 'Lonesome Prairie', 'Lost World', 'Love and Devotion', 'Love Ballad', 'Luscious Lips', 'Lush Like Velvet', 'Luck Be A Lady', 'Luscious Lace', 'Luxuriant', 'Luxury Ruffles', 'Magic Masquerade', 'Magical Moment', 'Magnum Gold', 'Make Me Wanna Shout', 'Make My Heart Sing', 'Making Memories', 'Mambo Italiano', 'Marble Statue','Master of Disguise', 'May Debut', 'Me and My Shadow', 'Mega Ruffles', 'Mellow Magic', 'Melody of Spring', 'Memories Remain', 'Men Are From Mars', 'Misplaced Dots', 'Mix And Match', 'Modern Majesty', 'Money In Your Pocket', 'More Than Ruffles', 'Mountain View', 'Multnomah Falls', 'Murder Mystery', 'My Passion', 'Mysterious Balance', 'Mystery Book', 'Name Game', 'Navy Waves', 'Nectar Of The Gods', 'New Face', 'New Fallen Snow', 'No Down Payment', 'No Place Like Home', 'No Style', 'Nostalgic Memory', 'O.K. Corral', 'Ocean Depths', 'Off Color Joke', 'Oh Dear', 'Oh So Different', 'Oh So Yummy', 'Oklahoma Centennial', 'Okalahoma Crude', 'On The House', 'Once Upon A Time', 'One of A Kind', 'Only The Shadow Knows', 'Opening Number', 'Oriental Imagery', 'Out and About', 'Out Of The Dark',

Tall Bearded (P-Z): 'Padded Shoulders', 'Paisley Print', 'Pale Sunlight', 'Part Two', 'Passionate Embrace', 'Pastel Ribbons', 'Peaceful Reverie', 'Peach Butter', 'Peach of A Day', 'Perfect Pearl', 'Petite Princess', 'Pie In The Sky', 'Pinch of Nutmeg', 'Pink Flamingos', 'Pink Nightie', 'Pioneer Woman', 'Pleasure's All Mine', 'Plic Symphony' 'Plum Frost', 'Politely Pink', 'Poodle Parade', 'Porcelain Ballet', 'Practical Joke', 'Pretty As A Picture', 'Prince of Pirates', 'Princess Grace', 'Pure Purple', 'Quack Quack', 'Radiant Garnet', 'Rainbow Tour', 'Raindrops Keep Falling', 'Raining Cats and Dogs', 'Random Act Of Kindness', 'Ready for My Closeup', 'Reflections of Love', 'Reticulated Ruby', 'Rise Like A Phoenix'','Robusto', 'Roller Coaster', 'Romantic Melody', 'Royal Chant', 'Ruby Tracery', 'Ruffles All Around', 'Ruth Black', 'Satan's Tango', 'Satin and Lace', 'Secret Admirer', 'Seek The Unique', 'Sensual Elegance', 'Shades of Silver', 'Shake It Up', 'Sharper Image', 'She's Beautiful', 'Shopper's Special', 'Show Me The Money', 'Sidekick', 'Sighs And Whispers', 'Silken Aire', 'Silver Crown', 'Simply Coral', 'Slightly Broken', 'Snow Job', 'Snow White's Rouge', 'So Much More', 'Soft Cover', 'Soft Whisper', 'Some Like It Hot', 'Sort Of Green', 'Sparkle And Shine', 'Sparkling Fountain', 'Spectral Zone'. 'Splash Out', 'Spring Kiss', 'Spring Satin', 'Stardust Evening', 'Starry Starry Night', Start the Show', 'Steal Your Heart', 'Stolen Sweets', 'Stop The Presses', 'Streak Attack', 'Street Vendor', 'Strut Your Stuff', 'Sunny Peach', 'Sun Peeking Out', 'Sunset Silhouette', 'Sunshine Bouquet', 'Taunt', 'Three Part Harmony', 'Three Times A Lady', 'Through the Looking Glass', ' Thundering Ovation', 'Thunder Snow', 'Tickle My Fancy', 'Time Capsule', 'Time Out', 'To The Point', 'Toast of the Town', 'Tom Johnson', 'Too Mixed Up', 'To Too Two', 'Towering Inferno', 'Tracks of My Tears', 'Triple Dip', 'Tropical Fruit', 'Tropical Twister', 'Twice Is Nice', 'Under Dog', 'Undersea Adventure', 'Unimaginable', 'Unrestrained Passion', 'Variegated Wonder', 'Venetian Waters', 'Very Special', 'Very, Very Good', 'Vibrant', 'Victorian Frills', 'Vintage Victorian', 'Wake Up Call', 'Walking On Air', 'Water of Life', 'Waterfall Mist', 'Waters Edge', 'Weekend Update', 'What A Beard!', 'What A Looker', 'What's My Line', 'What's New', 'When Angels Sing', 'Whirl And Sparkle', 'Wicked Good', 'Wild and Crazy', 'Wild Sreak', 'Will You Be Mine', 'Wind Beneath My Wings', 'Wink and A Smile', 'Winter Adventure', 'Winter's Smile', 'Wish List', 'Wizard of Odds', 'Wonders Never Cease', 'Yield', 'Yipes Stripes', 'You Belong To Me', 'You're A Mess', 'Yours Free', 'Zip Zing Zowie',
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